Is Live – Let’s Connect Direct!!

Connect with Villa Ad Owners Directly

After 10 years of seasonal Villa renting our  new owner direct website designed to better engage with our guests is live!! It’s taken quite a while but how it’s out there, we hope that a majority of guests will soon come to us using this site rather than via our other marketing channels.

Will the Big Fish of the Vacation Rental Industry Eat Our Lunch?

The holiday rental industry is changing and no longer a niche travel product; the giants of the industry are moving in to take a greater and greater slice of our revenues in on the top levies and commissions. This is already acting to squeeze owners margins to the point where some are simply throwing in the towel and giving it up.

This trend is bad for owners and for our guests as it primarily serves to bolster the share prices of these industry giants. So lets keep the owner direct model alive and also owners rental returns so they can afford to stay in business!! I encourage you to embrace not doing what these travel giants want and to refuse to pay these excess commissions and service charges by booking directly with owners. If enough of you do this value will be returned to you and to the owners and not to these intermediary share holders.

Personally I how try to do this myself whenever I book holiday rentals namely search for the owners web site and make a direct booking, thereby avoiding up to 25% in excess commissions being paid to the detriment of owners and guests alike.

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